The Business: has been in effect since February of 2009 based in Richmond, VA. Due to the economy, I feel that now is the best time for small businesses to help each other and thrive. Therefore, I offer lower rates, for it is my firm belief to provide quality services to good people at an affordable price. It is fair and balanced, and gives your small business a professional site at an affordable cost with the integrity you deserve.

The Webmaster, Brian Kemp:

My background comprises of more than 10 years experience with website design, development and search engine marketing. My experience that has been obtained during this time frame has led me to acquire a wide range of clients, anywhere from large corporations to small family owned operations.

The most enjoyable part of this job is the constant challenge that drives me to better myself in this profession. Every website needs to be better in some way and experience makes that possible. With every website I build, there is something added to it that wasn't available before. Because technology advances so fast, there is always something new to learn and implement. It's exciting to see what is going to be next!