A Standard Web Site for only $1,115 Includes:

  • Up to Five (5) pages
  • Two (2) custom designs - home page and subpage designs
  • Page Layout
  • Development of site
  • Set up of Domain-URL with host provider. *

What the Competition Charges:

Other Companies will charge at least $1500-$3,000 for a design-oriented site like the one you are getting, or $650-$800 to start for a more basic site with less included than in the package I offer, plus large update fees (usually $45-85 per edit no matter how small, or $60-120 a month with a 6 month minimum contract).

Why My Prices Are So Low:

Being freelance, there isn't the overhead that a normal company would have. Plus it really comes down to honesty and integrity, and being raised with morals. I believe in charging people for the value they are getting, rather than overpricing to make huge profits. By keeping it small, people are able to afford a great site, and hopefully pass my name around so I can grow a large client base.

I understand that small businesses and individuals are operating with a smaller budget than a major corporation, and in most cases do not need a site with hundreds of integrated pages. I therefore price accordingly, giving a fair value for what they are getting.

* First year's fee included in the price. $240/year thereafter.